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I am glad you found me! Now let’s get started on getting you your Maximized Results!

If you are serious about learning how to run a profitable real estate business then I am the expert who can guide and educate you with detailed, hands on, how-to. As an experienced business coach I help Real Estate Agents reach high levels of success by performing strategic assessments and helping implement improvements! So what stage in your career are you at?

I offer 3 Real Estate Agent packages that are exactly what I walk my clients through daily. Define which one is right for you, block off some time over the next four weeks , and implement the step by step sessions that will allow you to fast-track your results.

The Process

We analyze together what has and hasn’t been working for you and your team. Through this process we discover how to maximize your time, your team and your profits.


The Benefit

In every way, time is your most valuable asset. Get it back and spend it where it’s needed most, with your clients. You and your team benefit and your clients see results.

The Outcome

With your time maximized, your team efficient and your clients thrilled with your work you’re in a position to grow your team, grow you client list and grow you numbers!

One on One Customized Coaching

The Pick Me Up

  • Four, one-hour sessions in person or from the comfort of your own phone! Targeted assessment to provide you with a custom strategy to build and grow your business. If you need a tune-up, pick me up, or kick in the pants this might be right for you!

Make A Difference

  • Six sessions usually completed within two months to make a difference in your business! We will go over what you need to do and I will help execute and implement if need be. Weekly accountability and maximized results by the last session.

Close The Gap

  • Eight, one hour sessions over your timeline whether you want to take it fast or slow. Focused on the gaps and expert advice to solve challenges. Monthly mentoring for six months via phone for accountability and industry insights.

Get Started Today

Take your career to the next level starting today. Customized coaching fit to your needs, your schedule and your budget.

Self-Directed Courses

For the motivated self-starter, walk your own path with Sue’s support with these online self-directed courses.

For Emerging Agents

Goal: 24 Deals per Year
Starting at $249
  • As a new agent, you have paid your money, passed your courses and interviewed the various brokerages. Now what? I am here to teach you what they didn’t at school. How to start and run your business and get Maximized Results with a clear road map to success! Meet me at your next level!

For Established Agents

Goal: 50+ Deals per Year
Starting at $299
  • If your goal is to reach over 50 deals per year then you are most likely thinking about starting a team. I help agents hire assistants and improve their systems so they have a smooth transition to growth! Lead generation is increased and client care is essential. Get the tools you need to reach your goal!

Contact Sue!

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Phone: 403-805-7710

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